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Menopause Menstruation

Menopause MenstruationMenstruation can be problematic for a lot of women. Menopause can also be troublesome for a high percentage of women. Now, just imagine how menopause menstruation will affect these same poor women. Increase that misery even more when women are going through both menstruation and menopause at the same time. This is a very common occurrence because even as women approach menopause, or are entering it, they still continue with menstruation, although it may be irregular and a long time between cycles. Women that are enduring the worst symptoms of each, simultaneously, can be totally miserable, indeed.

Menopause Menstruation

Menstruation symptoms can literally send women to bed for a few days each month. There are cramps, so painful that they are a lot like labor pains. Many women have migraines during their periods. Add heavy bleeding and hot flashes, and you have menopause menstruation. Then there is Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS along with bloating and uncontrollable emotions. These are not going away just because menopause is approaching. In fact, most women will experience double the symptoms at that time.

Menopause produces just about everything that a menstrual period brings but now women get to enjoy both of those events at the same time. In many cases, these symptoms are amplified, actually making women sick. For a lot of women, there is nothing normal about what happens to them once a month. A monthly period can make them feel as if they are dying. Menopause menstruation is even worse.

It is very common for women to experience hot flashes during their menstrual periods. It is also just as common to endure these during the onset and in the middle of menopause. The migraines that were brought on during menstruation can become even more intense during menopause. Cramps do not just vanish as menopause approaches. They, too, can actually become more severe.

Each woman is different. There are women that simply glide through their periods, never even noticing anything. Other women end up at the emergency room due to severe cramping, intense migraines or extremely heavy bleeding. Menopause menstruation can produce very heavy bleeding at times, possibly due to the irregularity of the cycle. It is during this time that hysterectomies are sometimes performed on many women. The bleeding can get out of control for various reasons and a partial or full hysterectomy is at times the only solution. Once a woman is through menopause and no longer experiences menstruation, these problems often go away.

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